Basic SEO Course – Chapter -3

Learning something new is good for overall growth of mankind, new game, new skills, a new language, or anything good, that can help in real life or for entertainment, to be stress-free.

SEO the money-making technique
SEO is for getting business through internet marketing. It is directly related to your economics; you should learn SEO even if you have a dedicated person for your website. This will help you understand what is going on in your SEO project. I recommend this Basic SEO course for all website owners who wish to know their business better.

Growing internet market
We have billions of internet users worldwide, they all are consuming web-based content, in the form of text, videos, images, and music. People connect for sharing information, playing games, watching live news, interviews, games, movies, and much more. To supply this demand and monetize this opportunity we have millions of web pages offering a range of services, products, and help online.

Role of search engines and SEO
Search engines help us filter and find the best out of all available. In India, 98% of search market share goes to Google and it is known to all who are using the internet. Your website must be in Google’s search result page for getting visitors for all products or services you have to offer. SEO can help you to improve the quality of your website, and that quality will lead your way to search engine result page.

SEO for small business owners
If you have a small business and wish to attract visitors, you can learn basic SEO for your own good, it is cost-free, all you need is the dedication to learn, read all chapters and finish assignments. Learning is always good, you know that!

SEO for managers
IT managers, team leads, administrators having teams working under can learn SEO quickly to have better control of the entire SEO process. It takes about a month time to finish the basic SEO course if you can dedicate 10 hours weekly.

For engineering students
SEO can help you stand out of the crowd, having this skill in your resume will attract HR, you can become hirable.

Become a freelance SEO consultant
Learning this skill along with good communication and content writing skill can help you to become a freelance SEO consultant. It takes time to become an expert, but possible if you have dedication. This basic SEO course can be the foundation for your new life.

Assignment: Write what is your goal of SEO in your own words and upload it to a shared Google Drive account.