Basic SEO course – Chapter -1
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually improving a website to attract targeted visitors, you cannot optimize a search engine, you can only work on your own website to make each page worth for users. It’s all about making web content user friendly, and search engine friendly, so that they can read your content the way it is written.

Developing a high-quality website is all you need?
No, that is not all.

It only starts with making a good quality page, that is the basic need. Once you have a user-friendly website ready, you need to keep updating, adding quality content on your website, you need to have quality links pointing to your pages, you must have social media pages talking about your website. All activities together having a goal of ranking in search engines for targeted keywords, that will get you, visitors.

We call this ranking as “organic ranking” as well, which means you rank in search engines without paying them. You might have already seen paid advertisements for most of the keywords in Google and Bing, which is not an organic ranking.

In simple words, we can say “Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process to get targeted visitors for your website“.

This particular chapter is explaining about what is the definition of SEO, and the first assignment for the SEO course aspirants is to write in your own words what you have understood about Search Engine Optimization is 300 words in plain word document.

Make a Google drive account share that to and upload the file.