Basic SEO Course – Chapter – 10

Webpage displaying the same fixed content (text, image, or video) for all users is called static web page, and a group of these static web pages together called static website. Static website can be in any programing language, but generally, it is a simple HTML page displaying information.

Old static website of Indian SEO

Dynamic website on other hand interacts with users in many ways, for example, it allows users to post comments, it can allow to fill a form, and keep a record of user information in a database connected to it. Dynamic website contents are mostly database-driven, template webpage, that updates information from the database on request.

Examples of a dynamic website can be an e-commerce website, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, or a database-driven directory like DMOZ.

Advantage of Dynamic Websites
Information can be stored in a more categorized manner, that allows webmasters to update a page or all pages with few clicks, provided that is a provision to do so in a separate section called Admin Section or Control Panel. Smart business organizations use a CMS (Content Management System) to create and publish webpages. Adding a new page, or updating the existing one becomes very easy and trackable. WordPress, Drupal, Jumla, and Kent are some of the popular content management system software.

Most of them are free to download and easy to use with full documentation on how to install them on the server and how to use them.

You can create your own dynamic website using any programming language like PHP, ASP, JAVA, ASP.NET, or Perl but not limited to. Usually, dynamic websites have a back end database to store information and a front end to render this stored information on demand.

Most of the popular websites today are built as dynamic websites, they are device compatible and interactive in nature.

When you should create a static website?
If you have very limited information to show, like small notice or personal family information, you can create a simple static website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Static websites can be good looking in terms of design and quick to load.

Static vs Dynamic
Static Website:
Easy to create
Quick to load in browser
Difficult to manage and update if you have many pages
Linking to each page is difficult and chances of error, or broken links

Dynamic Website:
A little more technical awareness required to install and manage
Easy to create a new page like in WordPress
Easy to make changes in all pages, like change in header or footer section of the page
Page load time depends on content volume
Easy to link all pages, less chances of having linking errors
Corrections or update is simple

Conclusion: New age people should use new technology, go for a dynamic website instead of old fashioned static webpages.

Assignment: Make a three-page static website with personal biodata, a picture on the first page, the second page should contain all the places you have visited so far in life with some location pictures and the third page should have your school and college pictures with some text details. First page should be named as index.html, second should be named as MyLife.html and last one should be named as myEducation.html

Name as it is given in the assignment, but you must know, URLs are not case sensitive, which means “MyLife.html” and “mYLIFE.HTML” will open the same page.