Basic SEO course – Chapter – 4

SEO helps you make a quality website
Website quality in terms of original content (text, image, video), user experience, and search engine readability can be improved with SEO efforts. This can be one of the core advantages of using search engine optimization. Your website is of no use if you don’t have users and returning users. Any web platform is developed with the idea of business, even a charitable organization wants maximum possible visitors and their satisfaction. SEO ensures, you have enough targeted visitors and they all must get what they are looking for. When SEO is done keeping the main goal as improving user experience, it never fails, people share quality websites and your online identity becomes a brand.

Organic ranking gives a better conversion rate
When you rank organically for a specific keyword, you have the quality to be there, and organically ranked websites get a better click-through rate (CTR). Conversion rates are much higher if you have visitors coming from search engines through a specific search, people trust you, and if you have better business opportunities. When you compare any Ad campaign (be that on a search engine, video sites like YouTube, or social media site like Facebook) with organic visitors, you will always find organic visitors giving better business.

Technical knowledge age
SEO can help you technically on how to host your website, what should be ideal load time of web page, platform compatibility for the website (perfect looking website in different browsers and devices like Desktop, Mobile, tablet), web security to safeguard from hackers, text size of each page, and social media readiness. Your website can perform better when SEO takes care of technical aspects. SEO experts can answer lots of technical questions when you need an answer immediately. When you are moving a domain name, or forwarding an old page.

Long term branding and making authority website
SEO process when implemented with utmost care can give long term benefits. You can gain authority status with SEO advice and implementation, you can be a buzz of social media for qualities, news websites will pick your content and users will naturally love to visit and share your pages. A brand status can be built over time with the help of SEO. Authority status for a website is not easy but possible only with SEO, hence it’s always beneficial to take help of SEO for all your online branding activities.

Get ahead with your competition by implementing SEO
SEO is a fair game to improve qualities and marching ahead of the competition. Search engines love quality and information hub with answers to all queries, when you are in business you want to stay ahead, that can be done with SEO advice. SEO can read and research all similar websites, how they are getting business, and what they have to offer, why they are ranking for a keyword, and what your website is lacking. This competition research can help you improve further.

Filtering fake news about search technology
Search engine marketing experts dedicate their time to learning new technology and changing online market. As we can not control who is publishing wrong information to mislead people, SEO can identify false content, you need not bother. You might have heard about a trending topic “SEO is Dead” or “Black hat” all these coined words can make you look into that matter and sometime you might try to learn what’s going on, you must not deviate from core goal of best service and better user experience. SEO knows what needs to be taken care of, when to alarm you for changes in the website, and what is best practice.

Reading reports and implementing changes
SEO can read your analytics reports better, they can make goal filters, calculate the cost of each conversion, pick and identify best keywords converting into sales. Your analytics report, when researched by SEO experts, can show hidden gems for business. Reports are not just for the number of visitors, impressions, user location, you can see much more like bounce rate, reason of bounce, time duration of visit, better-selling products/services. Scope of improvement can be found in reports if researched with care by an expert SEO.

Bring back your visitors.
SEO can help you target visitors by re-marketing. When a user looks for a product or service online, search engines keep a track of some key information, based on that on his next visit to any partner website he gets to see similar ads, which is called re-marketing. Similarly, SEO can help you re-market your products and services when the visitor comes back, there is some technical aspect attached to this, that can be done with the help of SEO and your web developer.

Making news out of products and services
SEO can give you tips on how to make news for your products, services offered. It is better to be in news for good reasons, that will help you gain new followers on the social media page, direct visitors to your brand website, and better visibility on search engine results. When you are in news, people will give you links, they will share your content and that will help in many ways.

Cost of online marketing
The organic ranking or paid online marketing, if that is done with help of SEO experts your ROI is better, the initial investment is always low because you got fewer chances to lose money because you are new, you have an expert on your side. Even if you have a low budget for marketing, organic SEO is best, if you don’t have money at all, you can still learn and do your online promotion using SEO techniques.

Building brand identity is possible with SEO
No matter how much you are spending on online ads, video making, and social media promotion, SEO should be your first strategy for building online brands. Even with small investment and continuous work you can reach the brand status if SEO is implemented properly.

Assignment: Make a list of SEO companies and top SEO consultants, a small description for each with logos and pictures. Upload this to your shared folder and inform your course coordinator by email.