A website represents your company’s brand image, you must be sure, it is perfect and shows exactly the same, you have to offer. Every website is of a different kind; designed by graphics designers, developed on a content management system, or simple static pages.

That is your personal choice, but are you sure you don’t have errors, pages open smoothly when you have thousands of visitors?

How search engines look at your pages? You have duplicate content or not?
Similarly there are many issues that can impact your online ranking and overall performance, that can make wonders for your business or simply ruin your online identity.

Website Audit service by Indian SEO offers professional checks and solution plan to resolve all issues.

Our website audit report includes:
Spelling check, Site uptime monitoring, Search engine lookup, Error identification, On-page SEO advice, and solutions to any other errors found.
it takes about 5 to 10 working days depends on website size to give a complete audit report, you can send us an email with website details for the proposal.

Why you need a website audit, when you can go through page by page?
There is difference when you look yourself on each page and a professional SEO expert does the same. SEO expert not only looks for errors but checks for; how likely your content is going to be ranked in the search engine index. And how it will be indexed for different devices like mobile, tablet, or desktop.
Do you know how many outbound links you have, or how many inbound links you got? You must be controlling all your outbound links as well as inbound links. Even if you can not control who is sending a link to you, you have to make sure you have enough quality links to nullify bad incoming links.

Website audit service is a good start for any business looking to build online brand identity.