Search Engine Optimization

It is not just trying to rank your website on a given keyword, but a combination of digital media promotion to get a geographically targeted audience for a selected goal. This can be visitors, page impressions, sales, leads, or phone calls.

SEO process starts with an evaluation of the existing websites, in terms of ability to rank and serve targeted visitors. We check websites for the ability to be an index of search engines, news websites, social media sites. Page load time, on-page optimization for supporting target goal, present ranking status, and security status of a given website.

Based on initial checks we create a plan with a timeline of deliverables & technical or non-technical working hours required.

Once we get a work order, we assign a team for each project that mostly includes a Project manager, content writer, web hosting expert, AdWords manager, SM Manager & an SEO expert.

We use Inhouse Built SEO Project software to keep track of each project & reporting, and we set up Google Analytics & webmaster account if you don’t have one to check visitors in real-time.

Lead Based SEO

A win-win deal for both, client & service provider, we can evaluate your website and calculate the possible number of leads with time & money involved. Once the evaluation process is done, we can set up a tracking system to count & validate leads. You pay only for the results.

This process can include paid online advertisement, video postings, social media advertisements, organic search engine ranking but not limited to.

Lead-based SEO is a good deal for eCommerce websites, people looking for valid inquiries, and quick return on investment.

Online Identify Building
An individual or a political party can use this service for building / showcasing a positive image online. We manage & take care of online news content, social media profile, and make sure to be on top.
We learn about you & services you offer, make fresh digital content out of that, and publish on appropriate online platforms. We make things look authentic & trustworthy.

Press Release Service
You have some news to publish online, and you wish them to reach a mass audience, we can help you with this. We can write for you and publish that online.

Landing Page Creation

When you run and manage a digital media marketing campaign, each visitor matters, you must try to show them exactly what they are looking for. If a visitor unable to find what he searched for most probably he will skip your page in a few seconds, there is no possibility of a phone call or inquiry.

You are working to get sales, valid leads and your landing page does the same. Here you must tap on your prospective online client, let him feed good, and start communicating.

We offer to create highly engaging landing pages with your point of view, that can be the game-changer.
In the online marketing industry we know the value of money spent on marketing campaigns, each visitor costs no matter it is paid or free. You are having an online identity and that must get enhanced by each passing day.

While you are doing long term identity-building hard work, your business needs revenue & some returns. Landing pages give fresh look to visitors for a searched term and they are more business-oriented no doubt.

Content Writing
We offer content writing service by expert content writers.

Paid Ad Management
We can manage your only Advertisement campaigns

Link Building Service
You got an in-house team for SEO, and looking for link building service, we can do that. We have a large database of trustworthy websites.

Social Media Marketing
We can create your social media profile & manage that. We have dedicated team for social media management

Quick Traffic Service
We can get you quick targeted traffic from paid advertisements, social media websites, and microblogging websites. Service can be used for events your company is planning.

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