Search Engine Optimization or SEO is to make sure you have enough targeted online traffic to the website.

How we do SEO for any website?

The first step is to understand your business module, do you sell online, or offline? Do you have a user-friendly website, what is bounce rate, how likely visitors come back to your website? A complete website audit is the first step to start any SEO process, this will identify any existing errors.

Search engine crawl accessibility
Your website must be loved by search engines first before it gets any real visitors/customers. You can not expect search engine ranking if search engines can not read your website content, the way it should be.
Indian SEO offers to resolve any such issue at first before starting actual SEO work.

SEO Setup
You must have tracking tools to understand what is going on, how the search engine is accessing your website, how many visitors you have, how they come to your website, how long they read, do they visit other connected pages or close your website?
We do this tracking SEO set up with full login access, to monitor and understand visitors in a better way

Original content to represent your products & services
You must have original, compelling content that is searched by visitors, and at the same time it must be for your products/services. Any search engine gives priority to well understandable text/image/video content that is original and matches keyword searched by a user.
Indian SEO offers quality content writing service for your brand, products, or services offered, that can be picked by search engines on priority.

Keyword Research and optimization
Your SEO campaign must be backed by some historical data, for example, what if you know, how many times a particular keyword is being searched in Google, in your area? Based on search volume, the possibility of ranking, we make a list of keywords for your website. This keyword research document includes what your competitors are promoting, how they are ranking, and what if you get a keyword on top position, will you get enough sales?
Sometimes you assume, you know this is the best for your business, we can verify and make sure, that is the best keyword or not.
once we have a final list of keywords we work on a plan, how to make them appear on top.

SEO process includes but not limited to:
Quality content development, that is worthy to be shared by the end-user. Publishing fresh content on the social media platform to gain direct visitors and to improve inbound link count. Press release on your company events to make your brand newsworthy. Listing in online directories, making social media work for your brand.

Reporting of work progress
We track and report SEO progress in a month-end report document that includes all SEO activities

You can avail our SEO service that is one of the best in India, you can chat with our support team Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM.