We at “Indian SEO” use only ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to promote a website for different search engines.

On behalf of our clients, we utilize our knowledge to make sure that websites we are working on, are user friendly for end users and accessible to search engines for catching. We do not try to manipulate any search engine result by any means. Our focus always is to enhance our client’s website reputation by adding relevant information on their websites.

We write original text content, add new relevant information, check for any unknown errors. We make sure that our client’s website is up and running all the time and for this, we use monitoring systems & software.

SEO Process used by our company “Indian SEO” is described below
1. Review of website
2. Client’s request and feedback assessment
3. Keyword Research
4. Competition check
5. Meta Tag creation for the client’s website as allowed by search engines
6. Page name rewrite to reflect the content on page URLs
7. Content rewrite to convey information to end-users
8. Internal linking within the website for end users and search engines
9. Originality check for each paragraph of text written on the website
10. We add additional pages to comply with the need of respective authorities
11. Content writing for services and products offered by our client
12. We publish supporting informative information on article websites, news websites, blogs, social media websites, forums, directories to make sure that end-users are well aware of our client’s products and services, while doing this we make sure that we are following the rules of respective websites.

In addition to the above-given points, we do install a system to monitor the entire SEO process, number of visitors, and other required information for us and for our clients. We try to predict and follow the ranking method of the search engine to make sure that our clients are achieving their goals. Goal is defined before we start the real SEO process, and it is not limited to ranking a selected keyword in search engines.

We try to educate/advise our clients about the SEO process and by doing this we make our process transparent and we are always ready for new inputs.

Change in SEO Process
We understand the need for adaptability in order to keep pace with search engines, today best available search engines are always improving the way they rank and display results for their clients. We welcome this process because this allows end-users to obtain quality information from search engines. We are not worried about any such change, because our core of SEO is to improve the website quality and to obtain authority status for clients.

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