PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertisement option available by all leading search engines, social media, video hosting companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Baidu, and Yandex. Promoting your brand online can be easy if you utilize PPC service offered by Indian SEO.

Why pay per click matter?
When you depend or wish to sell your products and services online, you need a targeted audience looking for you, that can be achieved by advertising on search engines and social media platforms. Technology gives you an option to restrict your ad campaign to a target location, for an example if you have service available in Delhi, you need not to show ads outside Delhi. You can save money as well as bring filtered visitors to your website.

Second most important aspect of pay per click is getting quick results, you need not to wait for organic ranking, you can expect results the moment you start PPC advertisement. Your business starts receiving leads that too well targeted. Money spent on PPC gives instant ROI.

Even if you have a well-planned website and you have organic visitors from search engines, PPC is a good idea to maximize the use of your online identity.

Planning the PPC campaign starts with some basic understanding of keywords and target location, this can go better if you have a well-designed landing page, that matches your target keywords and location. A well-planned landing page gives you an edge over competitors in terms of ranking of ads and money invested.

You can start PPC ads yourself, which is not very technical work but having good knowledge of keywords, making matching landing pages, creation dynamic text, and image ads makes all difference in ROI.

Managed PPC accounts having an old history of spending gives extra credit in ranking especially by Google. Indian SEO a digital branding company having experience of managing multiple ad accounts successfully science 2004.

You know this experience matters when you can not take risks, how your money is being spent. A dedicated PPC manager can do all advertisement related works, that includes the creation of text and image ads, target websites, landing pages, reporting and tweaking old running ads.

You can be sure of the best possible ROI on your money spent online for branding and instant sales. A dedicated support team available on chat and phone to make changes as and when required. Our Managed PPC service starts from Rs.6000/- per month.

You can use this service for your online e-commerce website, corporate websites, or social media pages. It takes about 3 working days to plan and start a fresh new PPC campaign. The client pays directly to the end service provider and we do not save or store any bank/card details. You can pause or stop your PPC campaign anytime. our chat support is available on all days morning from 10 AM to 5 PM, including Sundays.

You can always control your budget, change text ads just by informing our chat support. We set up an analytics account for automated reporting on ad performance. The number of generated leads can always be improved based on conversion and usability.

The best time to start your first PPC campaign is now, you can be sure of results in terms of sales and leads. Chat with our support team now.