Pay Per Lead is no risk module for any business, you know best, what is a valid lead worth for your company. This new-age online branding technology gives full control over the money spent and return on investment ROI.

You with your team of sales or service providers know, how many leads you can take and convert them into real sales. What kind of money you are willing to spend for each valid lead. Our team of SEO and PPC expert can look into your business module and suggest what should be the ideal cost of a lead.

We have done this for an educational university like Mangalayatan University, Restaurant Table booking website, cloth selling websites, Playground equipment selling company, Tour and Travel companies.

You can not lose in this module, you have to pay only for valid leads. All technical work including landing page creation, tracking, automated reporting, email forwarding of leads, tweaking of the campaign is done at our end.

You have to explain your business module, target audience, budget, and willingness to pay per lead. We do not charge separately for managing this campaign.

To better understand this campaign, let’s say you have a company website selling playground equipments, you get about 5 valid enquiries every day and your back-end team does the followup with clients.

Think of the possibility of getting 50 valid emails asking for your products every day, now what is your budget for each valid email?

This can be as little as Rs.50/- hence; you have to spend Rs.50×50 total Rs.2500/- daily to get 50 valid leads. No extra hidden cost.

You need to make an upfront payment like a prepaid account. You can talk to our chat support team for details, or email to support.

Pay per lead is easy to start as well as no risk online promotion system, that can be used for any business having an online presence, looking for online sales.