You must be knowing, what we are talking about. You, actually can not control what people are talking online about your products & services. You can make good quality products, give excellent service, yet some of them are not happy. Even your competitor can do this con job to defame and damage your organization.


Draw a bigger line

In most of cases, you can not reach the real person who is posting bad feedback, you can only make sure you have enough positive comments, and these good things appear to users when they are searching the internet.

For every issue, there should be a well-planned solution, this can be:

Step 1: Identify the problem
Step 2: Learn the history of company/issue
Step 3: Plan solution
Step 4: Execute plan in a timely manner

We can discuss a sample case to better understand this negative commenting issue.

We have a case of an HR consultant who helps freshers in finding a suitable job. Company having an office in Bangalore with 50 expert HR consultants.

They have been in business since 2015, having a good reputation. They get business through their online identity; website, Facebook page, google ads, tweeter ads mostly.

Working module: They get inquiries from fresh engineers for placement help. Candidate visits the office and fills a form with contact details, educational details, and job type required.

Now HR team checks in hand open vacancies, and schedules a meeting for candidate and company. A total of 25 interviews can be scheduled over a time period of 3 months. The candidate is supposed to clear one out of 25. In case the candidate fails to clear the interview, company is not responsible, as candidate lacs domain knowledge and not fit to be hired.

This leads to frustration and the company willing to give counseling to prepare the candidate for the next round of 25 interviews. In some cases the candidate is exhausted and blames the company for not getting the desired job. He starts writing bad comments for company. If these bad comments are picked by Google, the next candidate gets confused, and that impacts the overall business.
Anyone searching for the company name can see these negative comments and simply moves to some other service provider for placement help.

Solution: Planning multiple pages with positive comments and making sure they all rank on the first page of google search results.

Writing good content about the company, services offered, and positive testimonials. Publishing these newly written content on good quality websites, on social media websites. Once these good comments start appearing on the first page of google, negative pages are passed back to second or even third page.