Basic SEO Course – Chapter – 12

To understand how a web server works, first we need to know what is web server?
Web server is a physical computer designed to hander HTTP requests, to handle these requests it consists of specially designed software and it is connected to the internet with a unique static IP address. Web server contains domain mapping details and files for each domain name hosted. The picture below will explain how a web server works.

There are two sections of a web server, 1. Hardware and 2. Software.

A computer connected with static IP with the internet, hosting domain name mapping details, domain files like HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts.

A server operating system specially designed to run on servers, some of the most popular server operating systems are Windows Server, Mac OS X Server, and variants of Linux such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

This chapter aims to give a basic understanding of what is a web server, and how that works, a more details information on how to operate a web server, how to create name server records, how to map a domain name to IP address, what is DNS record, and what is the use of those things in the SEO process will be explained in Advance SEO Course.

Assignment: Search and read about IIS Server, how to install SSL certificate on a windows server running IIS. How to obtain a free SSL certificate. Write about all these topics in a word document and upload this file to your Google Drive account.