SEO Basic Course – Chapter – 14

Google offers a free program for listing a business entity to be displayed as a local search result based on the user’s geographical locating. To understand how this local search works, do a simple search in google for “cake makers near me”. Below you have an image explaining what we get as a result.

There are three types of results visible in the image, a map with coordinates of all bakeries or shops offering to sell “Cake”, business/shop names with address, and user reviews, on the right side you have images of cakes with price and details as sponsored listing.

You can do another search to see how it works for “pet food store near me”, check the next image below to understand how it worked for our second search.

There is one visible difference in both search results, for second search “pet food store near me”, we don’t see sponsored listings, this can because of two possible reasons, either there is no bidding for this particular key phrase or it is not viable to show or sell for these words searched.

Now visit the Google My Business page here: screen below shows the first page.

It says “Engage with customers on Google for free”, it is self-explaining, listings in Google My Business is free. Now we will try to go through step by step how to create an account and add a business listing.

Click on Sign in link on the top right corner, with your Google account. Once you log in you will see a screen like the one below.

Here you can type your business name to search if it is already in the list, or you can add, you should type your business name, address, find and pinpoint your location on the map, and add contact details website URL. The image below shows another screen from Google My Business to show how easily you can add your business details.

Once you will finish adding your details, it will ask you to confirm and verify the address, Google sends a post with a code that is used for the verification process. The screen image below shows more options to add business hours, for adding a business logo, additionally, it gives you Google Ad coupon to start advertising on google. Here you can manage your listing. There is an option to add multiple addresses if you have more than one location.

This is an excellent program for new businesses having online or offline locations. You don’t need any technical knowledge. Anyone with a free Google account can add business and on successful verification, your business starts appearing in local search results. You can do this work your-self. Your real users/clients can write a review about your products and services, you can always reply to them. All these comments appear in the Google search result.

This can be the first step for any online or offline business.

Assignment: For the first website, you have created in the last chapters, add a new business listing, and share details with your course coordinator.