Basic SEO Course – Chapter – 8
Google Analytics was launched on 14th November 2005, the best a website owner can get for free, it is absolutely free to register and use for all your websites to track website visitors, in-depth analysis to understand each visitor behavior, to know their location, browser, device, operating system, visit duration, navigating pattern, and much more. It is masterclass work by Google, a boon for marketers to check visitor’s behavior and improvise based on data mining.

Google Analytics offers a free educational program by the name “Google Analytics Academy”, you can start with Google Analytics for Beginners, it takes 4 to 6 hours to go through all basic stuff, that includes videos, interactive sessions to understand the functionality of analytics. It offers to create a demo account and navigate through the interactive video session. Super quick learning, and at the end of each lesson you can opt for Assessment (objective type question-answer). Finishing these assessments with 80% or higher marks can get you certificate of completion “Google Analytics for Beginners” like the one below:

It is highly recommended for all SEO experts to have this basic knowledge of Google Analytics, you must get this certificate.

Once you finish this basic academic program for Analytics you should opt for “Advanced Google Analytics” register and learn all topics that include:
Data Collection and Processing
Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration
Advanced Analysis Tools and Techniques
Advanced Marketing Tools

Note: Watch all those videos and open each additional links below those videos, go through them all. It is indeed very important if you wish to learn. Only answering objective questions and obtaining a course certificate will not help you in the real world. You have a demo analytics account by now, check each link and functionality with a motive to learn, if you assume, you know everything, you are wrong. Learning never stops for wise people, for dummies, we don’t have lessons, we raise our hand high and say Sorry!

By the time you will earn the second certificate “Advanced Google Analytics”, you will have good knowledge of all main features and functionalities.

Third Analytics course you should not skip as well, become a power user by reading, watching, and knowing all hidden working options to analyze data. After you successfully finish the third course you will be awarded a course completion certificate like the one below.

You can spend hours and days in this demo analytics account, and you should definitely do that, worth checking each link.

Assignment: Assignment for this chapter is to obtain all three-course certificates and share links to your course coordinator