We have a cancellation, return, or refund policy in place to take care of a situation when our client wishes to discontinue using our services.

For every type of service offered by our company Indian SEO through this website www.indian-seo.com, we do an agreement with our client to fulfill the promised goal or goals.

Each agreement can be different in nature depending on offered service, but all of them include this basic information.

Name of the company with operating address and contact details.
Signing authority name and designation in the company.
Client’s Name and address along with contact details.
Name of the work/service.
A summary of work type, nature of work, and the possibility of results.
Goal of the work process, and time required.
Service charge details and terms of payment.
Refund/Cancellation terms
Signature of both parties with date and place name.

SEO work cancellation
Each agreement paper contains detailed information on the cancellation policy, but through this page, we wish to inform everyone about our transparent way of working. SEO process goal is to get relevant traffic on a website to improve end results, which can be more sales and more inquiries through the website. To get this result we use only ethical ways recommended by search engines to improve the quality of the client’s website. This can be adding fresh content, improving old content, improving the user-friendliness of the website (website usability), writing product or service related content to publish on third party websites to gain popularity, these third party websites can be social media websites, blogs, news websites, a video showing websites, microblogging websites, bookmarking websites, website directories, or any other type of website that can give a relevant push to help gain quality visitors and vote as a link to client’s website. We can not guarantee on behalf of a search engine or on behalf of our company “Indian SEO” for a keyword rank. That means we never promise to get a keyword on a specific position in a search engine, we can only offer to work for our clients in possible ethical ways to improve quality, visibility, and usability of a website.

SEO work agreement can be canceled by writing a post mail to our company’s address and along with that, there should be an email informing cancellation. We offer service, that requires manpower that is paid, money can not be refunded after the work is done, we can only share work details in the form of “Work Report”.

Refund of Money
There is no refund of money except our “Pay Per Lead Service”.
After work agreement cancellation, we do not accept advance payment without any new agreement in place.

Pay Per Lead Service Refund
We do an agreement with clients for Pay Per Lead, to understand the value of each lead, we do pre-agreement research involving our client, this pre-agreement research gives both parties a basic understanding of time, efforts, and money required to get a valid lead. Based on this new understanding we do a mutual agreement for the number of leads required and money to be spent to get those results. Each valid lead is given a fixed or floating value based on volume and location of lead. In case we do not match the quality of “Lead” as defined in the agreement, we refund the money to the client in full for that “Lead”, if the money was paid in advance. That means the client pays only for valid quality “Leads” as described in the agreement. In case, we fail to get results, we refund the money as per policy defined in the agreement within the time limits.

For any other clarification on refund, cancellation process you can communicate with our project coordinator.

Date: June 23rd, 2020
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