Basic SEO course – Chapter – 16

Content writing can be very easy if you have command over language and the subject you are writing on. You need the power of imagination to make content that can hold the reader until the end.

Simple steps to follow before you start typing (or writing on a paper).

Research on the given topic

Even if you have good knowledge of the subject you are about to write, it is a good idea to spend some time on research. Searching subject related topics and skimming through will not help, it will add some extra unwanted information. People in a hurry to finish writing jobs tend to do a quick search on the net and grasp whatever they see first. In many cases, they are adding the wrong information in their brain, that will harm them for a very long time, all articles written by them will carry that wrong information. Open nature of the internet allows anyone to write whatever they want to talk about, but the authenticity of information must be verified by practical knowledge or experiment before you believe and further communicate.

Finding a good source of information is an art, that can not be always the internet. What is wrong in asking your mentor, reading some books, your research time on a topic will give you dividends for a very long time in life. Your writing skills will have a backup of knowledge.

Focus on the topic but cover all fingers

What if you are writing about the back of your palm, will you forget fingers? You should not do that, everything connected should be explained to the extent of demand. While you are writing you have to keep your reader in mind, how they will continue reading, follow my simple advice.
1. Give the required information with good understandable words and paragraphs.
2. Cover everything that a reader is searching for.
3. Build confidence with your writing, this can be achieved only if you have very good knowledge of the given topic.

Give further references to verify

When you write about a statement, try to prove that with authentic references, images, videos related to the topic. For example, you are writing about the development history of a company, you can take old tweets of the founder, company incorporation details from the government website. Make sure you have enough reference to back what you are writing. Supporting images and videos always make your content attractive, your content will gain attention.

Search engine is not your reader

Always keep in mind, that search engines are mediums to recommend your content to actual readers, they are not reading content for understanding the meaning or learning new things. Even if you manage to show your page on top of SERPs, it has to pass the real user’s test. You can always advertise to be on top, but that does not guarantee you the time of the end-user. They will open and close your page to make the bounce rate worst. What is the actual use of being on top, organically, or with the help of Ads, if you are showing bad content?

Even if you have no ranking, your quality content will find its way to users, you will be talked about, you are going to gain popularity today or tomorrow. Make sure you have the best information with easy to read and easier to understand.

Writing in episodes

What if you have a lot to say and explain on a topic, can you make a ten thousand words page, who will read that? Learn the idea of connected episodes like TV serials. Web series like writing, if you have a good story and readers are interested they will come back, to keep a track of what next?

You can cover the entire topic in multiple pages, let that be connected and interesting. Writing content with a pretension of more is about to be revealed, wins loyal readers. This idea can be dangerous if you don’t have a real substance. Fooling users with below standard information will not help you in any way.

Next day reading and editing

When you write in a flow, you wish to finish the job in a go, that is a good idea, that makes your content look connected with a theme. Reading your content immediately after finishing for final editing is good, I recommend that. You are still in the same mood, you can check for grammatical mistakes, improve readability, add some required images, give more references. That is all fine, but here I will share one personal experience, that will add value to your content. I call this “Next day reading and editing”, it is not a rule of 24hours gap, it is all about giving another look to what you have written. When we write something, we are more than 100% sure of our abilities, own writing style. Giving some gap and reading our text will give us scope for correction, the possibility of improvement. Editing and improving can be done better the next day.

Be open to critics

Your content should allow comments if possible. Sometimes we learn from our readers, they might come up will fresh new ideas, or a small mistake you forgot to correct, be polite and accept. Be thankful to everyone who cares to write back on your page. We are human, we can do mistakes, but we should learn from our previous mistakes and improve.

Assignment: Write about your home town, make that page worth for all who cares for the town. Share on social media and make your course coordinator proud of you.