Basic SEO Course – Chapter – 15

Google Ads, the old name Google AdWords is one of the best advertisement options available globally. With the flexibility of designing your online Ads, it gives you full control over how your Ads will appear, what can be daily budget, what keywords should trigger your Ads, and what is your target locating to show Ads. Your Ads appear in Google search results on top, on the right side, or below organic results. Google Ad platform was launched in the year 2000 by name AdWords. AdWords advertisers paid monthly service charge, and Google managed their campaign, including initial setup. In 2005 Google launched a self-service platform of AdWords and a campaign management service called Jumpstart. In the year 2005 Google launched Google Advertising Professional (GAP) Program to train and certify individuals and companies for its AdWords Platform.

Let’s move on to the topic, how to use it?

Check the image below to get an idea of how Ads appear.

As you can see in the screen image above, Google shows four Ads for keyword “Playground equipment”, followed by local listings, and map next to paid Ads. Below these local listings, we can see organic search results, in the screen image below.

I will recommend you to watch this YouTube video to better understand about Google Ads.

First page of Google Ads looks like the one below, you can visit to create a new account.

Check the screen below to get an idea of how it looks inside and what all options we have to create our first Ad campaign.

Check this link to Google’s skill shop,
This page offers multiple online courses specific to Google Ads.

Assignment: Write an article describing Google Ad features, and upload them on your shared cloud account.