First search engine optimization company of Bangalore, India started back in 2004, with a team of 3 computer science engineers in a village-like location of Bangalore. Back then most of the small companies lacked a basic website, and we offered them to promote websites online, ah. It was indeed difficult to survive without money flow.

We got small orders to design & host websites instead of promoting websites, the first website that we could work on was, our own domain and the first client was online attire selling website

In a couple of years we were well connected with local IT companies and had the privilege to serve them, these companies offered us projects of different domains, like courier management software, hospital software, matrimonial web application, eCommerce website, HR software, office automation system and much more. We worked on them, they are still running, luckily most of them keep us in a good book, well connected. Thanks to our age-old trustworthy team.

Founder of ‘Indian SEO’ Abhishek was always busy learning new technologies and we call him ‘Baba’ not because he is an old man but that’s because of his interest & knowledge of spiritual world.  Back in 2015 company was taken over by DesilaBrand Promotion Services a Delhi, India based brand promotion company owned by Mr. Turiya Krishna Jha. Company is now headed by Mr. Aseem.

Our team is young with an average age of 25 with back office work locations in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Motihari & Patna.

Most of content writers work from home, team includes retired bankers & engineers, teachers & house makers. They do excellent work.

We have experienced project managers, code writers, social media experts, graphics designers, hosting team & marketing team.